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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  June 9, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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,, a city police officer shoots a child in the leg. >> tonight how it all happened and how the child is doing.
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hello everybody. we begin as a city police officer mistakenly shoots a teen in the leg. we explain how it happened. >> reporter: he shot and killed a tag and also hit a teenager in the leg. a pit bull lays dead in northeast baltimore. police say around 7:30 wednesday night a cop shot the animal. >> they came upon a pit bull attacking a group of juveniles. one of the officers withdrew his service weapon and fired several shots. >> reporter: the office also shot the 14-year-old who the dog bit. >> one the kid is going to be
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okay. it was a through and through wound to his leg. he also had bite marks. he was treated by medics and transported to hopkins. >> there were reports the dog had been teased. >> homicide is going to make sure the officer did everything he was supposed to do. >> reporter: we asked whether or not the officer acted aproply in proximity. he says as far as he knows the officer did act appropriately. we do not have any information of the identity of the officerover the teen at this point for do we know how the teen is doing in terms of his condition. back to you. >> all right. thank you. no one else was injured. questions are mounting
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tonight following a police raid that is possibly linked to a cult. report of an assault on the teenager. we are live and police are left with a few answers, kelly. >> reporter: neighbors tell me they notified police and the fbi that something odd was going on inside this house. today they got a look. it appeared to be for the assault of a rom. then the situation escalated. >> i was standing right here and i heard a loud explosion. i happened to be filming it and i jumped. >> reporter: he captured police surrounding the house. neighbors say snipers posted in their upstairs bedroom. police feared for their safety after it came to light that the homeowner was associated with a
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religious cult. >> initially ten years ago we saw a lot of excavating and a lot of digging. >> reporter: he says leaders of the group paid him to knock off leaders in a small town. >> you want me to kill the whole town? >> reporter: many have feared the group's leader. he is also the owner of the raided home. >> once the house was turned over to the gentleman that purchased it for his organization the behavior has always been very unusual. >> reporter: the group says they are not a cult. >> no body has been accused or questioned. >> reporter: neighbors say they saw a lot of activity like repair work and also saw a lot of white vans with license plates from minnesota coming and going for the last ten years. >> i am so thankful the police
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are here and are going to find out what's really going on in that house. >> reporter: they couldn't say what they found inside. one man has been questioned and released. it is possible the assault that gave police access to this suspicious house may have been an accident. >> they weren't sure if granite fell on here because she had internal injuries. >> reporter: police tell me the reason they are having difficulty figuring out what happened here is because people here are not cooperating and they are giving them conflicting information. >> thank you. and the injured woman is still in the hospital and no one has been charged. a worker becomes trapped after construction equipment suddenly overturned. it happened at a construction site and the worker was picking up a load of materials when the backhoe fell over. he was freed by emergency crews
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and is being treated at shock trauma. we know what caused a carbon monoxide incident. firefighters say a faulty hot water heater caused heightened levels on the fifth floor. two people were taken to the hospital as a precaution. $60,000 to fill two positions in the finance department. the board of estimates approved the payment to the firm despite the city's $120 million shortfall. stephanie says the importance of the position makes the hiring of the firm necessary. and a mayor reporteds on the change and how it is effecting homeowners. >> the source of life is now a source of contention for some
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city residents. the board of estimates just approved a major utility rate increase. bills are going up 9%. it averages $81 a year for a family of four. >> with electricity, the trash, the rent and lease rates around here, it is a lot to pay. >> reporter: so he is packing up his home and moving out of the city. tired of the recent increases in fees and now water. >> talking about increased fees and taxes but i cannot be dishonest about the cost of running the city. >> reporter: they say aging infrastructure needs to be fixed after a rash of severe water main breaks. >> the magnitude of this problem is i menace. we have just starting to understand how much we have to do. >> reporter: a recent investigation revealed the astonishing price tag facing
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taxpayers. to fix just water main, how much would the city need? >> about $2 billion. >> it makes a big difference in my way of life. >> reporter: it also supplies the water and the county is considering an even bigger increase. >> the department of publicworks says they have among the lowest water rates on the east coast. tonight british petroleum says it is capturing more oil in the gulf of mexico. here is a look at the leaking well. bp estimates it is capturing more than 600,000-gallons of oil per day. efforts to clean up the spill are also ongoing on the surface. today bp conducted a controlled burn. almost 400 million-gallons of oil have been burned so far.
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there is more bad news for bp. the stock dropped to a 14 year low today. bp says it expects to pay more than $80 million to compensation to people who lost wages and profits. in the case of van vander sloot. >> reporter: carrying out an investigation when i allegedly killed a woman in peru. agents were trying to build a case against him for the murder of natalee holloway. she disappeared while celebrating her high school graduation there aruba. six weeks ago he contacted an
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attorney offering information for a deal. >> if the family is interested they could give me 250,000 i will show you where the body is. >> reporter: they say $15,000 from holloway's mother was wired to his bank account on may 10th. prosecutors were following the transaction to build an extortion case. >> vander sloot was there. >> he reportedly confessed to killing the 21-year-old in the hotel room. claims about burying holloway at a construction site appear to be false. the prosecutor says he asked american authorities if he should be detained. they decided to wait. investigators in peru also released this video that shows
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flores at a casino before her death. >> senior official says there was no indication that he would commit a crime adding the u.s. had no authority to stop him from leaving aruba since he is not an american citizen. controversy tonight over the quick approval of a $49 million state contract to buy slot machines. the board of public works approved the deal today. peter says he was given hours to review the contract. he said he wanted the machine up and running as soon as possible. fans of cheese burger and video games have less than a week. it happens next tuesday.
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ben roethlisberger for the first time we are seeing the evidence they reviewed, what the alleged victim said about the football player. a new hotel opens near the world trade center site. why it is being considered a step. a young girl held against her will. the amazing story of her escape. sunshine headed back to our region. we have your forecast coming up next.
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the complete forecast is coming up. powerful tornado rips through ohio. homes and buildings were destroyed. five people were killed. weather experts say the f-4 tornado had winds up to 170 miles per hour. damage estimates to homes and buildings at least $100 million. the 20-year-old who accused roethlisberger of sexual assault is telling her side of the story. in the interviews she said she
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felt powerless to stop roethlisberger from having sex with her in a bar bathroom and was afraid of his temper. >> the whole time i said we really don't need to do this. this isn't okay. >> this was among more than 50 taped interviews release it. they determined there wasn't enough evidence to press criminal charges. they suspended him for the first six games of the upcoming season. a preteen forced to have sex for money. a man pimped out the young girl setting updates from d. c. to new jersey. >> reporter: dearwinin smith was arrested. >> it scares me something happened like that right next to me. >> a missing 15-year-old girl working as a prostitute for smith. he met her while she was
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working a known prostitution area. >> going back and forth from .c . with this 12-year-old female engaging for the purposes of prostitution. >> reporter: smith left that 12- year-old girl here alone in room 319 for several hours on monday. it was during that time she was able to make a phone call to her mother who tipped off police and made the arrest. >> all of a sudden they got his arms behind his back and he is down on the ground. >> reporter: he was staying in the room next door. >> i didn't see any girl like that or anything. >> reporter: smith's address is listed at this address. >> i have only been here about two weeks. >> reporter: she says she moved in after smith was evicted. they say he lived there with a woman and eight children.
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many appalled to find out how he was spending some of his time. >> they should kill him. kill him. put him up in a cage and let people stone him. this is the way i feel. >> reporter: he faces a long list of charges including prostitution and false imprisonment. eyewitness news. >> he is being held on a $3 million bond. a brand new hotel overlooking ground zero? the new world center hotel happened today. many of the rooms include large windows overlooking the site where the towers once stood and collapsed. you can also see the new memorial being built. a woman called 911 with a unique emergency. listen to this. >> yes get me a husband.
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>> you know you can get arrested for dialing 911? >> let's do it. >> you want to get arrested for calling # 11? >> absolutely. >> she called 911 nine times within one hour. she says she tried to call 911 after she had about one too many drinks. >> i think she had about ten too many drinks. [ laughter ] let's move along. we have had some rain in some areas. basically we have kind of cleared out. we may see a little fog forming. just a few sprinkles continue. they are moving out very very quickly. overnight generally clearing. it has been warm since early evening with no wind at all with humidity way up to 90%. the dew point is up to 66.
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we'll see fog forming without a doubt. early morning we'll see low lying fog. it is 77 for the warm spot. across virginia temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. here is 70. so a mild night. as we clear out later on we probably will drop to low to mid-60s most places. winds are very very light. d.c . has a southwest wind at 13. it will continue to bring in warm air and tomorrow will be a much warmer day. it should turn more to the west, northwest. it will help to dry things out. temperatures go right back up where they should be. the rain, most of it fell to
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the north. heavier showers across tennessee. to the west a few sprinkles. sunshine for the most part. by friday high pressure. low humidity and temperatures nice. saturday into the weekend warm and humid air comes back with risk of widely scattered shower and thundershower activity. good chance on sunday and maybe even on monday. 61 tomorrow and sunshine back up in the mid-80s. nice on friday and dry. mid-to upper 80s, scattered showers and thundershowers on saturday, sunday and again on monday. >> okay. thank you. coming up the orioles take another shot at their losing streak. streak. that's coming up next. ,,,,
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it has been a powerless orioles team and mismatch dictates baltimore can't afford to make mistakes. it has lead to lots of losses. big mistakes, sixth inning, lead out of ground ball. misplay and that's how they start the inning. next is alex rodriguez. luke scott will let it get away. it allows an extra base. double play froze it off of the glove. yankees take the lead and kevin ruso's diving catch.
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the o's fall 4-2. they have lost ten in a row to the yankees. jake will come up to make his major league debut against the yankees tomorrow night. he is having an outstanding season. it moves jeremy to friday night's start. this weekend the yankees leave town the new york mets roll in. you can see saturday's game at seven game at 1:30 both right here. morgan state basketball team will lose two scholarships this season. it is for schools that fall below national academic standards. it is the second year they suffered a scholarship reduction. game sixth of stanley cup play
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offs. the blackhawks and fliers. they get this sudden wind when patrick cane flies that shot in from a tough angle. no body is sure the game is over. the officials have to review to confirm it was a goal. chicago is hockey's new champ. first time for them to win the stanley cup in nearly 50 years, ending what was the longest championship drought in the nhl. and learn how to become an official beer taster next. ,,,,,
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